Our Pro Mobile system delivers over 400 pounds of resistance in a compact carry bag you can use everywhere.

Range of motion strength and conditioning

The VECTOR  enables hundreds of natural movement and athletic exercises to improve strength, mobility and endurance for anyone looking to continuously improve and build their overall fitness, health and resilience.

Mobile, high performance resistance systems

Our VECTOR’s patented, dial-in resistance tube system delivers up to 100 pounds of force.  When using multiple VECTORS combined with our accessories, you now have a mobile, high performance functional training system.


Each VECTOR can be attached with a carabiner to any anchor point  that can accept a minimum of 200 pounds of force. Door frames, wall mounts chain-link fences, railings, posts, polls, trees, cardio equipment, squat racks and many other options.



Delivers Up to 45 Inches of Pull Length

Designed for smaller spaces

Great for travel and TSA carry-on compliant 

Weight: Approximately 32 – 35 Ounces

Diameter: 3.25 Inches

Length: 25 Inches


Delivers Up to 60 Inches of Pull Length

Provides a longer range of motion when needed

Ideal for working with larger athletes and patients

Weight: Approximately 39 – 42 Ounces

Diameter: 3.25 Inches

Length: 30 Inches

What is VECTOR

  • Patented, dial-in resistance tube system
  • Easily increase or decrease resistance with a quick turn of the cap
  • Engages 4, 6 or 8 tubes at a time
  • Delivers from 10 to over 100 lbs of resistance – yet weighs less than 3 lbs
  • Attaches with a carabiner to any properly rated anchor point
  • Multiple accessory options available
  • Snap-Back risk reduction

A full range of training and recovery options in your pocket you can use everywhere.

The VECTOR app offers an initial free collection of workouts and exercises designed to build range of motion strength and endurance. You select the workouts, frequency and intensity.

The VECTOR app will also offer advanced personal training, foundational athletic, sport specific and “Movement is Medicine” exercise options developed by our sports performance and physical therapy content partners under separate subscriptions.   


Our VECTOR systems are used by top sports performance coaches, physical therapists and personal trainers to help their athletes, clients and patients continuously improve and build their resilience.
  • The VECTOR system has been a game changer for us. When working with professional athletes, being able to address their specific needs at any location quickly, comfortably and safely is critical. Most importantly, the VECTOR system allows us to easily set-up and adjust multiple angles of resistance so I can more precisely target muscles, kinetic chains and movements to help with rehab, recovery and performance. Before VECTOR, it just took too long and our clients didn’t have the time or the patience for us to implement these important types of exercises

    Drew Morcos
    Founder Motus Specialists
  • Recent studies are showing that our connective tissue network—or “fascia system”—is far more responsible for storing, releasing, and transferring elastic energy through the body than was previously understood, and that three-dimensional, whole-system training of these connective tissues using dynamic natural movements can help athletes achieve better performance while greatly reducing their injury risk. The VECTOR system and its multi-directional resistance capabilities have broad applications for facia-based strength and conditioning and we’re adopting it as an integral part of Fascia Training Academy.

    Bill Parisi
    Founder and CEO Parisi Speed School / Advisor Fascia Training Academy
  • The VECTOR has been great for setting up developmental and DNS exercises on many levels . It’s easy to use and helps my patients
    develop better postural awareness in the most fundamental patterns and on the opposite side of the spectrum it sets up well to train specific athletic movement control. The ability to attach anywhere and change resistance with such ease has opened the door for greater creativity in resistance exercise applications. The Kevlar enforced resistance tubes provides an added layer of safety against snapback risk that affords me peace of mind.

    Clare Frank, PT, DPT, MS
    Founder Movement Links, Inc.
  • I was first introduced to the VECTOR by Seth Forman, who worked with me at IMG. At BPS, we train hundreds of professional and amateur athletes at our locations and need fast set-up and transition times between exercises and athletes – that’s what the VECTOR delivers and we can take it everywhere. We can hook VECTORs onto any of our rack systems or a chain link fence, quickly swap out handles for straps for different exercises and instantly change levels of resistance by turning the cap. It’s a huge time saver and it reduces the need for our coaches or athletes to hold big rubber bands for each other. It’s been a great addition to our trunk, stability and mobility training elements for our system.

    Pete Bommarito
    Founder and President Bommarito Performance Systems

Use Vector for 30 days Risk Free