Introducing Travel-Ready: The Workout Plan for a Life on the Go

Whether you travel regularly for business or simply take trips for pleasure here and there, your fitness doesn’t need to be left behind.

The Kayezen VECTOR and the Travel-Ready workouts featuring media personality and elite coach Torrie Wilson is the perfect solution for anyone on the move.

Instead of searching for a gym at your final destination or making due with whatever limited amenities are available, simply unpack your TSA-compliant Kayezen VECTOR and perform Torrie’s Travel-Ready workouts on the Limitless Training platform right there in the comfort of your own room. 

Fitness comes down to consistency but, for many, frequent travel can lead to inconsistency. Not with the VECTOR and a series of easy-to-follow micro-workouts, though.

“With the VECTOR and the Travel-Ready workouts, you’re able to set it up, rev your heart rate, and resistance train in a much smarter way in under 10 minutes,” says Seth Forman, CSCS, the brains behind Kayezen’s training philosophy. “Most of us look for time efficiency when it comes to fitness, and when it comes to maintaining training while traveling, that becomes even more important,” he adds. 

The Same Smart Science — Designed for Travel

The Travel-Ready program is rooted in BUILD.MOVE.BURN., Kayezen’s signature and proprietary training method that’s designed to provide a high intensity workout while being low impact on the body. 

It’s widely-documented that the muscles of the core and glutes are known to "turn off" when you're inactive (like when sitting on a plane) but actively turning them back on can help you feel better (aka less achey) in the short-term and move better in the long term, says Forman. This is where the Kayezen VECTOR and BUILD.MOVE.BURN comes in.


How It Works

The BUILD.MOVE.BURN. approach, according to Foreman:

BUILD: Start with a 10-second isometric exercise to activate and prep your muscles. Think of it as a true wake-up call for your body after a long flight or road trip.

MOVE: Follow up with dynamic movements over 10 reps. This leverages the activated muscles to boost your strength. You’ll quickly notice your travel-related muscle tightness ease up after just a few repetitions.

BURN: Finally, finish with high-intensity exercise to fire up your metabolism. 


Torrie Wilson’s Non-Negotiable Travel Essential

The life of a media personality is as busy as it gets. For Wilson, she never knows what city or state she’ll be in at any given moment, but she’ll always have her Kayezen VECTOR packed. “A lot of people think that when I’m traveling I’m in some gym for hours at a time, but that’s not true,” she says. What she’s actually doing are her BUILD.MOVE.BURN Travel-Ready micro-workouts in her hotel room or in the nearest park. “The BUILD.MOVE.BURN workouts are really how I maximize my time, see results, and most importantly, are what keep me consistent,” she adds.

As the TSA-compliant VECTOR fits seamlessly into your overhead luggage, there's no excuse to miss a workout. Whether you're in a hotel room, at a beach, or in a park, Kayezen’s VECTOR is your companion to maintain and elevate your fitness game.


Introducing: The BUILD.MOVE.BURN. Travel-Ready Workouts


Kayezen elite coach and media personality Torrie Wilson’s 4-part series of BUILD.MOVE.BURN Travel-Ready workouts keep you fit, no matter where life takes you. And make sure to download the new Kayezen app for instant access to the all-new Limitless Training Platform.

There are two ways you can approach this, according to Forman:

Option 1: Complete one of the below workouts at a time, aiming to do up to all four by the end of the day. This is the exercise “snack”, or micro-workouts, approach. 

Option 2: Stack all four workouts and do them back-to-back as one longer routine. 

For detailed instructions of how to perform the exercises, Wilson walks you through each workout every step of the way from set-up to execution in the videos below.

Workout 1: Glutes on the Go, Part 1





After a long flight or a long drive, consider this a wake up call for your glutes.

You’ll perform a single 10-second isometric Parallel Stance hold for the BUILD, then a set of 10 repetitions of the RDL (Romanian Deadlift) for the MOVE, and the Single-Leg Stance with 335 tempo for the BURN. For that BURN with the Single-Leg Stance exercise, you’ll perform 3 knee raises in the Single-Leg Stance position, hold for 3 seconds, repeat 5 times, then switch to the other side.

Workout 2: High-Flying Triceps


Did you know your triceps take up three quarters of your upper arm? Working the triceps is one of Torrie’s favorites.

You’ll isometrically hold a Tricep Pushdown for 10 seconds for the BUILD, then perform a set of 10 repetitions of the Tricep Pushdown for the MOVE, then a Tricep Pushdown/Kickback with a 335 tempo as the BURN. For that BURN with the Tricep Pushdown/Kickback, you’ll perform 3 repetitions, hold for 3 seconds, and repeat 5 times. 

Workout 3: Glutes on the Go, Part 2 


You can never go wrong giving your glutes an extra micro-dose of exercise, especially after those long travel days. 

You’ll isometrically hold an Abduction Squat for 10 seconds for the BUILD, then perform a set of 10 repetitions of the Abduction Squat for the MOVE, then a Split Squat with a 335 tempo for the BURN.. For that BURN, you’ll perform 3 repetitions, hold for 3 seconds, then repeat 5 times. 

Workout 4: Resilient to the Core 


The muscles of the core need to be constantly activated and reactivated to stay strong and resilient. Much like the glute workouts, this core routine is an essential for travelers.

You’ll isometrically hold a Staggered Squat with the Cinch Strap for 10 seconds for the BUILD, then perform a set of 10 repetitions of the the Staggered Squat with the Cinch Strap for the MOVE, then a Torso Rotation with a 335 tempo for the BURN. For that BURN, you’ll perform 3 repetitions of the rotation, hold for 3 seconds, then repeat 5 times.