VECTOR Products

What is a VECTOR?

The Kayezen VECTOR is the ultimate mobile resistance training system. This single, 3-pound device holds 8 resistance tubes that you can customize according to your needs.  

The VECTOR is simple to use: ANCHOR, ATTACH, ADJUST and GO 

ANCHOR: Using a carabiner and Multi-Anchor provided with your system, attach the “U” end of the VECTOR to an anchor point: a doorway, post, heavy exercise equipment like an exercise bike, or a fence at the ball field.  

ATTACH: On the “swivel” end of the VECTOR, use a carabiner to attach your accessories. Start with a handle.  

ADJUST: With the cap fully closed, turn the cap of the VECTOR to Level 1, take a couple of steps away from the anchor point and pull to feel the resistance. Note that 4 resistance tubes are engaged. Step back until the cap is fully closed and turn the cap to Level 2, which engages 6 tubes, and Level 3 where all 8 tubes are engaged.

GO: Check out the Limitless Training Platform and go!

What does VECTOR do that I can't do with bands or tubing?

Kayezen VECTOR extends the resistance range beyond what is possible with traditional bands and tubing. Typical resistance bands and tubing deliver ONE level of resistance, often color-coded to reflect ‘easy’, ‘moderate’ or ‘heavy’ resistance. Weight equivalent levels range from 3 lbs to 50 lb+ ‘super bands’. 

Your Kayezen VECTOR is preloaded with a combination of Light tubes (5 lb each - light blue color) and Heavy tubes (13.5 each - dark blue color). With this tubing combination, the resistance range at full extension is 20 to 70 lbs. You can customize your VECTOR with a combination of Light and Heavy tubes that work for you. With all Kayezen VECTOR Light tubes (5 lb each), the resistance range is approximately 20 to 40 lbs. With all Kayezen VECTOR Heavy tubes (13.5 lbs each), the range is approximately 50 to 100 lbs. With the VECTOR 2 and Pro systems, you can pull 2X the amount of resistance working with two VECTORs at a time.

Adjusting resistance levels is easy with a twist of the VECTOR cap. If for example you can do bicep curls with 30 pounds but need to dial up to 40 lbs for a military press….with VECTOR you can do this instantly. With resistance bands/tubing you need to stop your workout and find a different color band or tube and set everything up.

Working with different body parts is also easy by swapping accessories. Doing leg lifts with typical resistance bands and tubing involves wrapping the band around your ankle, which can be uncomfortable. The VECTOR Cinch Strap has padding to make it more comfortable, and you can easily shift it from ankle to knee to thigh….. And even to your arm for upper body work.

Who can use Kayezen VECTOR?
VECTOR can be used by people at all fitness levels. Always consult a healthcare professional before beginning any exercise program.

What VECTOR Size is right for me? Need help? Take our quiz for your best options.

VECTOR TRAVEL is best if you have space constraints in your workout area, or if you travel frequently and need a TSA-friendly size for carry-on luggage. Otherwise, opt for a VECTOR, which gives you 15 inches of additional pull range for your workouts.  

What VECTOR System is right for me?

The VECTOR 1 System is a great way to start, and is best for those who won’t need more than 70 lbs of resistance. Those who want to take it to the next level should try a 2 System, which allows you to work out with 2 VECTORs at a time to achieve up to 200 pounds or resistance. With 4 VECTORs, the VECTOR Pro System is perfect for personal trainers, coaches, and athletes who want instant access to a wide range of single and dual resistance levels.

What are the specs of the VECTORs?

VECTOR: High-impact thermoplastic and stainless steel components

VECTOR Tubing: Latex tubing with Kevlar(R) string running through the center of each tube to reduce snap-back risk

VECTOR Accessories: Nylon webbing, plastic (handles), neoprene padding and stainless steel rings

VECTOR Dimensions: 

  • VECTOR Travel overall length is 24.2 in (TSA-friendly) and VECTOR overall length is 29.2 in. 
  • Both the VECTOR Travel and VECTOR are 3.14 inches in diameter.
  • VECTOR Weight: VECTOR Travel approx. 34 oz; VECTOR approx. 40 oz.

CONTAINS LATEX: Should not be used by those with latex sensitivities or allergies

How do I care for my VECTOR?

The outside cover of the VECTOR can be wiped down with a disinfectant wipe or non-abrasive cleaner and soft cotton cloth. Do not use ammonia or acid-based cleaners, abrasive cleaners or paper towels. The internal tubes are housed inside the unit and should be regularly inspected for wear. There’s no need to clean the internal tubes.

Can I travel with a VECTOR?

Your VECTOR system is perfect to take with you! The VECTOR Travel is TSA-compliant for placement in a carry-on. The VECTOR can travel, but you’ll need to place it in your checked luggage. Don’t forget your Multi-Anchor, carabiners and accessories for your hotel workouts!


How do I anchor the VECTOR?

First, you’ll need to attach Kayezen carabiners to your VECTOR. Attach the U-shaped FIXED loop end with a carabiner to a Kayezen Multi-Anchor, Kayezen or similar secure wall mounts, chain link fences, posts, poles, or professional equipment such as cable rack and pulley systems or fitness racks. 

How do I attach VECTOR Accessories? 

Look for the VECTOR CAP and the ‘swivel loop’ at the end. Attach a Kayezen carabiner to your VECTOR, and then attach the accessory to the carabiner. 

How do I change resistance levels with a VECTOR? 

Now that you’re anchored and you’ve attached an accessory, changing resistance is as simple as twisting the VECTOR cap. Always make sure the cap is fully closed before twisting it to change resistance. 

Start by twisting the cap so that the arrow points to Level 1 (a single horizontal blue line). Pull against the resistance. At Level 1, 4 tubes are engaged. Return to the starting point with the cap fully closed. Twist the cap to Level 2 (2 horizontal blue lines) and see how that feels. At Level 2, 6 tubes are engaged. Return to the starting point with the cap fully closed. Twist the cap to Level 3 (3 horizontal blue lines) and see how the resistance increases. At Level 3, all 8 tubes are engaged.

Can I set up my VECTOR to deliver more or less resistance?

The resistance range depends on how you set up your VECTOR with a combination of Light (5 lb) and Heavy (13.5 lb) tubes. A single VECTOR set with all Light tubing gives approximately 10 lbs (half pull on level one) to 40 lbs resistance. Setting up a VECTOR with all Heavy tubes delivers resistance between approximately 50 lbs and 100 lbs. Want something in between? Mix up Light and Heavy tubes to customize your VECTOR training levels. 

What is the process for replacing the tubing?

The replacement of tubing is very simple and takes less than a minute after you get a hang of the process. Check out the video HERE to see how to do it. 

How long does VECTOR Tubing last?

With typical use, your VECTOR tubing should last between 9-12 months. One of the safety features of the Kayezen VECTOR is that the tubing is assembled with Kevlar(R) string inside it. The Kevlar also serves to give you a stopping point when you’re pulling against the VECTOR resistance. Avoid constantly pulling the VECTOR to this point - take a step toward the anchor point and continue your exercise with the cap starting approximately 3 inches away from the closing point.

What happens if the VECTOR tubing breaks? 

If a VECTOR tube breaks, the yellow Kevlar string will ‘pop’ out so you’ll know right away that the tube needs to be replaced.  

Do I need to screw anything into any walls?

Your VECTOR System includes a Multi-Anchor, which has a rubber stop at one end. This anchor works in a door jamb so it can be placed above the hinge to create low, middle or upper body anchor points. You can also use the Multi-Anchor to wrap around a sturdy post or heavy equipment. Simply thread one end of the anchor through one of the loops on the other side, and then cinch it tight. 

Using the Multi-Anchor in a door jamb

Using the Multi-Anchor to 'cinch' around a post

My VECTOR will only go into 2 positions. Can you help?

When this happens, it means that the internal discs are not lined up properly. Here’s how to fix it. 

  • Remove the VECTOR Cap and Cover 
  • Carefully remove the VECTOR tubing one at a time
  • Re-align the 3 internal discs so that the groove is aligned across all 3 and the base. Disc 2 is in the middle and Disc 3 is at the bottom.
  • Here’s a photo of how it should look. 

  • Once the discs are aligned, replace the tubing, cover and cap.


What exercises can I do with a VECTOR?

VECTOR along with its accessories allows you to work your full body. Check out the Limitless Training Platform to access hours of VECTOR video workouts led by our Elite Team. Start with VECTOR Basics and work your way up to the types of workouts you’re looking for.   

Where can I find VECTOR exercises online?

Access our VECTOR Limitless Training Platform. It’s 100% free. Workout on your own terms. No credit card. No subscription. No purchase required. 


Where do your orders ship from?

VECTOR orders ship from Braintree, Massachusetts

Is VECTOR available to ship outside the US?

Free shipping is only available for customers in the US. Please email clientsuccess@kayezen.com for additional information or for international shipping options.   

Is VECTOR available to purchase from dealers outside of the US?

Yes.  Please email clientsuccess@kayezen.com for additional information. 


Where can I find the serial number of my VECTOR?

There is a sticker with the serial number on (1) your original white shipping box, and (2) on the center shaft of the VECTOR, which is visible when you remove the outer cover. 

What is your return / exchange policy?

We want you to love your VECTOR! If you aren’t satisfied with your purchase, return it within 30 days and we will refund 100% of the purchase price. https://kayezen.com/pages/shipping-return

What is your warranty policy?



What are my options to pay for a VECTOR system?

You have many options for payment. We take all major credit cards or you can pay monthly if qualified with Affirm.