What does this device do that I can't do with bands or tubing?

Easily change resistance levels

Incorporate a broader range of resistance especially at the higher levels

Reduce snap-back risk

Quickly swap accessories

Does the system replace my current elastic resistance products?

The Kayezen VECTOR complements many of the existing elastic resistance products and accessories you are currently using. 

Key points: Kayezen VECTOR delivers new benefits when required "pull weight levels" begin to exceed 10 pounds.  In addition, its design allows for more comfortable and functional accessories to be used and quickly interchanged.  One limitation is the length of pull permitted; for Kayezen VECTOR 45 the pull length is restricted to 45 inches and for Kayezen VECTOR 60 it is restricted to 60 inches. This limitation is designed to offer additional safety as compared to traditional bands and tubes that have the potential to be over-extended beyond a recommended range.

How much does the device cost? Compared to my current elastic resistance solution.

The list price for Kayezen VECTOR kits range from $450 to $895 so the upfront investment is higher than bands/tubing. Here are the ways to look at its relative value.  Replacement cycles - after 2 or 3 replacement cycles, Kayezen VECTOR offers a cost advantage - all you need to do is replace the internal tubes versus all tubing with handles, larger “monster” bands and any accessories that are integrated into tubes or bands.

In addition to the longer-term dollar cost benefits, the other key contributors to Kayezen VECTOR's value are: A. Improved safety due to reduced snap-back risk, B. Less time required to monitor tube and band conditions in the clinic - if a VECTOR’s internal tube breaks the Kevlar string pops out of the unit indicating it needs to be replaced immediately. C. Time to clean up and organize a large variety of bands and tubes versus the compact VECTOR and accessories systems. D. Time required to constantly clean individual tubes and bands.

How do I anchor the device in my clinic?

Any carabiner friendly anchor that is properly ratedFor example, KayeZen Door Anchors, KayeZen or similar wall mounts, chain link fences, posts, poles, existing cable rack and pulley systems or similar professional equipment. 

What are the recommendations for cleaning?

The cleaning of the device is one of the major advantages over bands and tubes [Especially in the COVID era].      Since the tubing is housed inside of the protective cover you will only periodically inspect the tubing as the primary cleaning will be performed on the protective cover and patient attachments.

What is the process for replacing the tubing?

The replacement of tubing is very simple and takes less than a minute. I will show you how.  The replacement tubes are available in the following pre-configured packs – VECTOR 45 Tubing Pack with 10 Light and 10 Heavy tubes for the VECTOR 45, and a VECTOR 60 Tubing Pack with 10 Light and 10 Heavy tubes for the VECTOR 60.