We help people continuously improve their physical and mental resilience. We champion and support our partners that share our purpose.

The Kayezen philosophy

Our name is derived from the term “KAIZEN”

KAI . Zen

  1. a business philosophy system that is based on making positive changes on a regular basis, as to improve productivity.
  2. an approach to one’s personal or social life that focuses on CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT.


In 2008, Eric Kaye, founder of Kayezen, was training and placed too much weight on a leg press machine. He herniated a disc in his L4/L5 and had a fragment break-off within a few days. Eric met with a number of neurosurgeons who recommended immediate surgery. Fortunately, he was introduced to Dr. Robert Snow who said “if you are willing to do the work, we can get you through this with extensive physical therapy.” That’s all he needed to hear, and within six months, he was back in the gym training again, but in a much smarter way.


A key part of Eric’s recovery included exercises with resistance tubes and bands. These tools were not part of his prior workouts, but he immediately recognized the wide ranging benefits that included less stress and strain on joints and tendons when performing recovery and athletic movement exercises.  Most importantly, he saw how this type of full body training could help build anyone’s overall physical resilience.


While Eric was awakened to the benefits of elastic resistance training, he saw some significant ways existing tubes and bands could be improved.   He cultivated partnerships with some of the top minds in fitness equipment design and development, physical therapy, and sports performance, as well as leading fitness coaches, to develop the VECTOR system.


Today VECTOR is used by top athletes and teams around the world, leading physical therapy practitioners and their patients and a rapidly growing number of people committed to fitness that need a smarter way to train.