Seth Forman Bio

Seth Forman, with a career spanning over two decades, has dedicated his expertise to working with athletes of diverse ages and skill levels. After completing his graduate studies, he gained invaluable experience at IMG Academies under the guidance of mentors Loren Seagrave and Pete Bommarito before establishing his own training facility. In 2015, Seth embarked on a groundbreaking EMG research collaboration with the founder of Kayezen VECTOR, aimed at unraveling the intricate muscle contractile and intermuscular coordination responses to varying angles of resistance using VECTOR technology. Currently, Seth serves as a consultant for the esteemed Parisi Speed Schools and holds the position of Lead Master Trainer at the Fascia Training Academy (US).

Furthermore, in 2022, Seth acquired his massage therapy license. He made significant contributions to Bill Parisi's book "The Anatomy of Speed," particularly in the Agility and programming chapters. Additionally, Seth was interviewed for the Variable Resistance chapter in "Fascia Training Applications" (published October 2023). He also co-authored a chapter in the upcoming publication "Fundamentals of Recovery, Regeneration, and Adaptation to Exercise Stress." This chapter, titled "Manual Soft-Tissue Manipulation as it Relates to Recovery, Regeneration, and Adaptation to Exercise Stress," is projected to be published in Q4 2023.